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Deep Sea fishing Ft Lauderdale

Our charters for Deep Sea fishing here in Ft Lauderdale are producing some quality fish for our fishermen. The weather is for the most part remaining pleasant with afternoon temperatures falling short of 90. To me 90 has a hot ring to it and 89 just seems so comfortable….. So it has been nice (below 90) with the south east breeze continuing to blow every day taking that edge off the heat.

The current has been running strong to the north with over 3 ? Knots when you get outside of 300 feet of depth. We are finding the majority of our fish inside of 200 feet and the current there (1 ? mile off the beach is better than 2 Knots. Our catches have included good sized Blackfin Tuna as shown with Matt and the good fish in the picture. Strong numbers of sails mostly tailing and traveling South on the current edges. Blue water not required for these fish in this heavy current, Many are in off colered water trying to beat the current. Some fat Kings around as well , mostly in on the reef but some are outside in water close to 200 feet. Only a few Mahi-Mahi and although few in numbers the ones we are seeing are good ones, all gaffers with one over twenty. These fish are moving steadily and and usually only a single or a pair of fish, but good fish.

Too much current to bottom fish but we had some Golden tiles, smaller Snappers and Jacks just before this current went off the scale. No Wahoo but we did have a truly large one get the best of us off a long kite bait. Sometimes the fish win /hurts a bit more when that lucky fish is an exceptional one. But really no Wahoo around right now and one would think the strong current would have them aggressive if they were here. That’s no Wahoo as in not a single one in the whole fleet for three days, not just us.

Tight lines and good fishing

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