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Fort Lauderdale fishing report

Our Fort Lauderdale fishing report for the beginning of the fourth week of May is a pretty good indication of the summer patterns of fishing here in South Florida.

Along the edges of the reef line both North and South of our inlet expect fair numbers of bites from schoolie sized Kings. Slow it down when trolling on these hot days and draw an extra bite or two on the deep lines. Some Bonito mixed in as usual. As usual larger Kings on live baits. Wahoo continue to be few and far between but we have seen more Blackfins , mostly in water from 200 to 400 feet deep. Some nice ones along with the football sizes ones.

There are some Mahi-Mahi ( Dennis with a nice one in the pic) in the mix and singles continue to be popping up along the reef, and two days ago we caught them in 600, but further offshore is best so be ready to spend a bit more on the fuel bill when you head out for these Mahi.

Greater Amberjacks have moved onto the shipwrecks in both shallow and deep water, with the deep wrecks being best. Vermillion Snappers but many are small. Both Grey and their larger cousin the Golden Tiles have been available most days.

The weather for those of you not here to enjoy it has been bright and sunny for our Fort Lauderdale offshore fishing trips. The rain was removed from the early forecast prior to the weekend and they got it right, at least here. Warm and muggy. You bet. Dress accordingly.There is some extremely clear beautiful blue water like we seldom see here. We see some nice water but this has been exceptional water. Easterly breeze making for a light chop.

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