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June and July 2015

By June 1, 2015May 26th, 2017Forecasts

Ft. Lauderdale offshore fishing is following the pattern of previous years with the exception of the Mahi-Mahi have at times proven elusive. There are days when we can locate them on a half day charter but ¾ and full day trips greatly improve the odds. But even with that said the Mahi this summer have at times have been difficult.

Kinffish have followed the norm with reasonable catches on most days. Some Bonito are mixed in with the Kings on the reefs and on occasion off the edge out into slightly deeper water. Beginning in July we see a good number of Barracuda of decent size on the outside reefs and also offshore. These fish while not recommended for eating are fun and on many wish lists of out of town anglers. We see good sized ones on the troll while in the cooler months these larger Cudas most often require a live bait to draw a strike.

Bottom fishing will offer Vermillion Snapper along with Golden and Gray Tilefish. Mutton Snapper a possibility when we drop on structure. Sorry to say the African Pompano we wave caught so well past Junes and Julys are either very late or have changed their address. This was mostly catch and release so we didn’t really impact their numbers but something has changed. We and our charters enjoyed them and hopefully that fishing will improve.

A Sailfish is always a possibility but nowhere near the peak Winter months. But we are seeing and catching them mostly on the reef but they can be anywhere in the Summer and not limited to the near shore reefs but miles offshore as well.

Summer offers Wahoo and this June and July are proving to be very good for these speedsters. We catch them inshore and off the edge and miles off the beach as well. They are a great and colorful addition to the catches this time of year.

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