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Deep Sea fishing charters in Ft Lauderdale

We continue to pick away at the fish on our Deep Sea fishing trips here in Ft. Lauderdale. We are using the term ?pick away? because not all of the trips produce nice fish such as these two Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna which came aboard early during a shared half day morning charter. Some trips have been brutally difficult with our go to staples such as Kings and Jacks playing hard to get. Occasional Sailfish. Spending time off the edge has produced some Tuna and some Mahi, which when we can find them have been large enough to warrant the gaff but not really bragging size. Snappers have been small for the most part with the Tiles being of OK size. It is thankfully time for the Warsaw Groupers to get on the wrecks and we will be tackling up with them in mind. Happy to have them all as recently some of the catches have been slim.

The water offshore has actually been clear and clean, but not clean of the weeds, as they are thick day after day and giving our mates a real workout constantly pulling in the baits to shake off those persistent weeds. The current has been switching around and that could well be the issue with some of the weeds and most of the fishing. The weather is really pretty nice and staying under 90 with very little rain in our areas of fishing. So in a nutshell it has been calm, comfortable and pleasant offshore with the sodas, beer and waters being ice cold as we try not to lose too many of the hairs we have left trying to find the right combination and bend those rods every day.

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