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Fishing in Ft Lauderdale

The offshore fishing here in FT. Lauderdale has yielded some better action when compared to last week. We actually had a day when we caught 7 Kings on a four hour charter. We continue to catch the football sized Tunas and truly large Bonito are on the reefs now. They are a handfull and more than one on at a time is not uncommon now. some Wahoo as well. We managed several opportunities for Sails but only got two fish to boat side for the week. Snappers and Jacks only fair at best with all the current, but those Wahoo do love it.

Sharks are providing good action for our anglers seeking a large fish. Strong (very strong) north current has had many hammerheads moving closer to shore and swimming to the south on the surface. Good fishing for Sandbar Sharks and other roundnose species as well. That beautiful Thresher was taken by Thomas C and his son Matthew along with two of Matthew’s buddies Salvatore and Charlie.

Beautiful days one after another but wicked hot. Both A/C units are running full tilt and customers are definitely spending a bit more time inside the salon. The heat index is over 100 four days straight now and our mates are feeling it the most and muchmore than us lucky (older) fellows up on the bridge catching the breeze. Age does have some privileges and being up in that breeze and a bit of shade as well helps us to overlook some of those aches and pains that accompany those years.

Some really clean water has been near shore here and those persistent weeds have backed off to the point of at least letting the mates catch a second wind. Strong current as we mentioned. Clear skies and basically no rain.

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