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Deep Sea fishing charters Ft. Lauderdale

Our weather is quite nice now and our Deep Sea fishing charters here off Ft. Lauderdale are going strong. Kids are out of school and summertime charters are often family groups this time of year.
It is best to try to reserve early to have the best choice of available date(s).

The onshore breeze and the resulting chop has diminished offshore and we are back to almost calm seas. That breeze certainly cools it off offshore and when it slows as it has we find a few more visits into the salon and the A/C seem to be popular.

One again Kingfish and Bonito on the reefs as expected for this time of year. Blackfin Tuna off the edge. Only an occasional Sail and they can be anywhere from 60 feet to 1500 feet. ?Widely scattered? is the term we use. Good success with the Wahoo and mainly right at the reef. Summertime Cudas for the kids. Bottom fishing can be erratic.

For the larger fish Swordfish will be available offshore but certainly not a sure bet every day. Great fish such as them will make you pay the price for success, but well worth the effort when it happens. Slide a lure or two out the back as you make your way to the Swordfish areas offshore, there are Blue Marlin out there as well as a few Mahi.

Tight lines and good fishing

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