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The last several days have been productive here in Ft. Lauderdale. Fishing along the edges of the reefs have resulted in good action for Kings, Bonito, a few Tuna and some Sailfish activity again.

Summer weather dictates that a lot of our bites come on the deep lines. We certainly don’t mind the deep lines out the back as we troll along and they are the key to many successful charter trips, but the weed…. We continue to see a ridiculous amount of seaweed on the reefs and the mates are very much continously busy tending the lines to try to keep them clear. Those deep braided planer lines need to be out in the spread and everyone is ready for the weed situation to diminish. The sooner the better, yesterday would be great.

Nice push of school sized Mahi just off the edge as well and they are typically taken at the surface so the mates love that as the deep lines can be placed on hold or cut back to only one for at least for a while when into the Mahi. Wahoo still a real possibility on any charter so those deep lines don’t stay stowed for very long.

Pleasant seas again and mostly sunny, and plenty of weed. The beaches are loaded every morning before the city crews get in and drag it off.

Tight lines and good fishing

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