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Ft Lauderdale fishing report

This Ft. Lauderdale fishing report we will spend some time on the Wahoo. The Wahoo fishing off Fort Lauderdale this summer continues to be a very welcome high point on our offshore fishing trips. Lots of Wahoo this summer, and we aren’t really mentioning the smaller ones we find under floating objects and on edges offshore. We are talking decent sized fish working the outer edges of the reefs and hanging on the near shore wrecks and virtually every trip has a chance for Wahoo.

That nice Wahoo was taken on a family outing comprised of Stefan, Anna, Elias,Linus, Inger and Lennart.

Trolling continues to be the most productive method for drawing Wahoo strikes for us. Sumertime strip baits on the deep lines and the longer surface rods get the nod in the South Florida heat. They will take a bait fished in any position (sometimes ridiculously close to the stern) but they love the deep and long lines.

Fishing the reef edges as usual offering Kings and Bonito. Some Sailfish around but Mahi remain erratic for us. We have been doing some wreck and bottom fishing on the slower days and managed some nice Snapper, Margate and Jacks on spin.

Morning wind if any has been SW an it’s warm warm and close. Afternoon onshore breezes have been lightening it up and once again taking the edge off the heat. Summer showers we are famous for are not letting us down and there have been some storms, typically brief but they get ones attention.

Tight lines and good fishing. Stick a short piece of light leader wire on those deep lines and also that longest surface line to better your odds at hanging onto that Wahoo. This is the time.

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