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Deep Sea fishing in Ft. Lauderdale in August 2015

By August 1, 2015May 26th, 2017Forecasts

August has arrived and with this month comes some decent fishing but also some rain on a regular basis and virtually every day reaching into the low 90s. 91 or 92 is certainly cooler than many areas of the country this time of year but I like it a bit cooler for sure.

Deep Sea fishing in Ft. Lauderdale late in the summer as we are brings many options. Typically calmer days mean there are good sea conditions for Swordfish offshore. These are great fish but every trip isn’t successful when you target something as substantial as a Swordfish. There will be days as there are any time of year here that that husky bottom line won’t light off on a daytime trip, and a night trip might be a long one as well, but the odds are pretty good and that calmer sea makes is nice to try for them. On any Swordfish trip there is always a better chance of encountering some Dorado offshore and they are great fun and also good eating as many of you are aware. Big Tripletails ( ridiculously good for the table) will be on floatsam offshore as well. And mainly school sized (for the most part) Wahoo under there too. A big one pops in on occasion, but most offshore Wahoo caught here under debris are smaller than the ones we see inshore.

Closer to shore the Bonito run will pick up steam and these are a fun fish for kids as well as adults. Really no good to eat and lots of local folks don’t care too much for them because they are such poor table fare. Try chumming them up to the back of the boat and pitch a live pilchard on light spin tackle and you probably will like them a t least a little more. Try putting a Clausner Minnow fly (lots of mylar) on a nine weight rod in the inside corner of his jaw and you just might learn to love them, even if they aren’t any good to eat, once you finally tire him enough to get him to the boat. Kings on the reefs close to shore and some good sized Wahoo as well will hit the box. Bottom fishing, mostly deeper now, will have it’s moments. Always ( OK, almost always) a chance at “a” Sail or two. This isn’t February but there are some here.

Have fun and good fishing. Try not to take more than you need and respect the resource so our kids and hopefully theirs as well can enjoy what we have here. Tight lines.

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