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Fishing in Fort Lauderdale in September 2015

By September 1, 2015May 26th, 2017Forecasts

And here it is already September. September is actually a pretty good month to fish here and fishing in Fort Lauderdale this month will reward anglers big and small with some good catches.

September this year is bringing as expected it’s fair amount of rain. Usually quick passing showers but there are and will continue to be our nation leading thunder and lightning storms. Most of these thankfully pass by quickly, and when offshore we can steer around many, but not all of them.

Offshore Mahi-Mahi and Swordfish will be target species. The Mahi-Mahi bite has been essentially good for at least 3 weeks now. Best in several years to be sure, but in Mahi-Mahi fishing there are days when they will prove elusive if current edges don’t form, leaving it as a real hunt and seek. But as we said, the odds are good and a full day spent out in the deeper water and on into the Gulfstream will often have a happy ending. Some good sized Swordfish will be landed and August weather on a typical day can present perfect conditions to try them.

Nearer to shore the Kingfish will often bite well and some Wahoo running larger than the average deeper water fish will be taken. Good numbers of larger Wahoo prefer being in the vicinity of the reefs as opposed to the open ocean. 100 to 300 feet or so often is best.We expect some Sailfish bites with regularity but it is very far from the mid winter opportunities. This time of year the Sails can be anywhere up and down the coast and can range anywhere from practically on the sand to the middle of the Gulfstream, who’s western edge this morning was @ 19 miles.

Bottom fishing for Snapper and Golden and Gray Tilefish can be steady and with nice sized fish. There are Jacks and an occasional Grouper as well. Night snapper fishing can be very good but the September near shore Sharks,often Bulls and Lemons, will get their share. That can work for you if you want to tangle with one of them. At times the Sharks will be getting way too many hooked Snappers.

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