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Fort Lauderdale fishing report 09/13/15

By September 13, 2015June 9th, 2017Fishing Reports

The catches have been decent here and this Fort Lauderdale fishing report will hopefully be informative and helpful. The weather of course remains warm and showers are a way of life here this time of year. But along with the warmer days and possible daily showers are the calm to almost flat sea conditions which continue to be just that. Great conditions for Sworfish and they are being caught.

The Mahi have returned the last couple of days, and some are in about 700 to 800 feet, and that puts them easily within our range. There are Mahi of course scattered about offshore of there as well, but it is nice to see them closer to shore than they have been. Expect some smaller ones but there are good fish as well. Chance for a Sailfish up on the reefs to way out in the deep, but their numbers have been fewer. Some good keeper sized and above average Kingfish at the reefs. Off the edge there were once again Blackfins from 300 on out to 700 feet of depth. Skipjack Tunas @ 700 and deeper as well.

On the bottom Vermillion Snappers have bit well in 280-320 feet. The Golden tiles have been safe as the currrent out there is really very strong and we are leaving them alone for now. They are our first choice for Tile fishing but the Grays, which we are fishing because of far less current in their areas, have been pretty good in numbers on many days and some really nice ones at that. 400 to 420 has been best for them

Tight lines and good fishing

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