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Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

We will continue to run our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale as Hurricane Juaquin is veering up to the north and we are forecast to be out of harms way here in South Florida. Bad scenario if the storm follows the projected path and makes landfall in the Carolinas or above with all their recent and continuing rain. Florida has always been synonymous with these storms yet here we are coming up on 10 years ( knock on wood) with everything thankfully passing by us here in Ft. Lauderdale. It never hurts to be lucky in fishing and certainly Hurricanes. Weather today is stellar and is to be the same all week-end.

Those Mahi-Mahi are still here but have moved offshore. Some at 14 miles yesterday, and that is if you find them. That is an all day charter for us, and we have been fishing on the reefs and the bottom closer to shore. Tried them out there by request a few days back and it made for a long charter. Better bet for us to stay inside, especially with the west winds in the morning. Couple of Wahoo on this ?King?(not my word) tide and moon we are experiencing. Some nice Kings with many running the size as pictured and those Bonitos too. Continued slow on Sails. Deep water Snappers are biting well. There are a few Mahi on the inside but very incidental.

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