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Deep Sea fishing Ft. Lauderdale report

The weather continues to remain very reasonable. Only a few very scattered showers as the storm passed and really no thunder or lightning out here on the beach and ocean. Deep Sea fishing is always more fun when you aren’t looking over your shoulder at approaching weather. Continued westerly winds keeping the near shore water calm and comfortable.

So with those westerly winds we have continued to target the reefs. Nice and calm on the reefs, so we crissross the reef line for the Kings and maybe a Hoo or Sail, and deal with the smaller Cudas, but several have been quite large. Kings in the picture by Tim, Tessa, Dave and Mike who joined us aboard the Marlin My Darlin. Numerous (lots of) Cudas as we stated biting right now and I brought a smaller one home for the crab trap as my son James loves fresh Blueclaws, and those crabs just love to race to a smelly Barracuda. Some grown Bonito thrown in the mix still to go along with the hordes of juveniles of about 8 inches swarming the reefs and wrecks. No Wahoo since our last but we did manage a nice Sail on the kite on a charter with Keith and his crew out of the Toronto area. That fish was out in 300 feet of water. Still the smallish Snappers on structure off the edge of the reef. Good sized Blue Jacks and Rainbows, Crevalles and smaller AJs on the shallow wrecks which are fun on spin, but no Groupers for us there.

Mid 80s today. Downright cool.

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