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Deep sea fishing charters Fort Lauderdale

We continue to see some good action along the reef lines on our Deep sea fishing charters. Fort Lauderdale weather has been pleasant with comfortable wave conditions, but there is a front coming in on Sunday evening and it is expected to blow pretty good.

As we continue through the fall season we will see more and more of these systems passing through as we have mentioned before. Maybe a bit of rain followed by some wind. Typically very little change in the temperature with these frontal systems but that will change in the not too distant future.

Fishing near shore has been decent for us. Working on and just off the reefs produced the nice catch of Kings in the picture for these young hockey players. 90 to 140 continues to be the better depths with a lot of activity right around the 100 foot mark. The Bonito have thinned out and as a result of that we get a couple of more King bites. We continue to see the Snappers out in 250 to 300 feet. These are Vermillion Snappers and a big hit at the dinner table. Baked whole Bahamian style is a winner if you don’t mind the eyes back at you. LOL. There is a better chance for Sailfish bites and the ones around continue to seem to prefer being near the reefs. Mahi-Mahi are a gamble right now unless you have a lot of time to search out in the deep. Night fishing for Swordfish has been a good option but that will change if the wind blows as expected.

Tight lines and good fishing

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