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October, November and December offshore fishing 2015

By November 1, 2015May 26th, 2017Forecasts

The Mahi-Mahi fishing was a pleasant surprise this fall with these fish making regular appearances offshore here. And these fish continue to be regulars in the fish box now as we approach the Christmas Holiday Season. Mostly near shore and while on occasion in deeper water these fish have been for the most part within two miles of the beach here offshore of Ft. Lauderdale and regularly much closer. If you follow our fishing reports you will see some nice Mahi-Mahi photos along with some of our charter parties.

The Kingfish have bit as expected with some decent catches but few really whack them days. The Wahoo backed off and just now we are seeing some fat ones once again, especially on the moons. Deep water Snappers and Tilefish will continue to be available on many days as long as the current allows us to hold the bottom.

The pleasant surprise has been the numbers of Sailfish bites we are getting since mid November. We expect a push late November and early December of typically 10 or so days. The “key” word is of course “typically” as it is after all fishing but this is an annual and something we look forward to every year. This year the expected 10 day push began earlier, is still happening, and on some days has been more like a “rush” with lots of Sails right out front of the inlet. Record heat here has not seemed to affect the bite. Many days of fishing when the water isn’t Chamber Of Commerce clean and clear, but the fish are in it never the less.

We have had a good number of windy days and there will be more. When the Sails and Mahi are in the area that wind makes for some good fishing days. Kings and Wahoo don’t seem to be as affected by it and we land a lot of Wahoo on flat calm days. But the flat calm days will be fewer now so don’t be surprised by a bit of a breeze and an occasional blow as it comes with the package this time of year, and it really is most often a plus for fishing.

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