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Fishing charters Ft. Lauderdale Kid fishing

Our fishing charters here in ft. Lauderdale continue to offer some fun action on and just off the reefs. Sailfish bites are pretty regular now and some really nice Mahi-Mahi continue to work the reefs and schools of Bally-hoo all the way inside of 50 feet of water. These fish are often chasing these bait schools and watching for the bait showering will put you on fish. Occasional Bonito in there but most of the chasing is being done by Mahi-Mahi.

Lots of kids recently and fishing with children is always fun. We can only post a single picture on our website and that young man with the nice catch and release Sailfish is Owen. Who incidentally is very, very pleased with the World Series champion Kansas City Royals, his team. Check out our Facebook page for a couple of great Mahi shots with Junior anglers Charlie and Aiden joining Owen and his largest fish. Owen and his Dad fished with us on ann afternoon and then again the next morning. His Sail came on the afternoon trip and the next morning we had a dozen Kings.

Still some Kings but they have backed off this morning. Wahoo have been tough for awhile now and we only heard of a single fish today, and that wasn’t with us. There are some school sized Blackfin Tuna out in 300 feet, and those Mahi-mahi and Sails have kept it interesting.

Above normal temperatures the last few days. 88 and 89. If it had hit 90 that would have been depressing. I’m ready for some 70 degree days and I know my crews are as it gets warm down in that cockpit. There is a nice easterly wind and that has helped to take the edge off as always but the trade off is a little more size to the seas. Very fishable, but it has a bump. Blue water remains at about 200 feet of depth in most areas of the coast here, but the better fishing has been inside of that in a watery blue coloring as opposed to that bright sparkly blue in 200. It’s postcard picture perfect blue. There are also some fish in the greener water, so we are staying close and hugging the edge and only on occasion trying that blue water.

Tight lines and good fishing to all.

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