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Fort Lauderdale fishing Swordfish and Mahi

Offshore of Fort Lauderdale fishing remains good with a couple of Swordfish on an offshore trip here and the Mahi-Mahi continue to pass through our area.

We finally got a Swordfish charter here on the Marlin My Darlin and luck was with us as we managed two fish during the daytime. Not quite all the luck we would have liked as early evening drifts inshore on the humps before heading home didn’t result in any chances, but it was certainly a good trip. Special thanks to Bobby Boyle and Jeff Walls for their input prior to this charter, which I shared with Capt. Chris and Matt. Great talented guys Bobby and Jeff and always nice sharing a conversation and tactics with fellow ?older? Fisheads.

The Mahi-Mahi continue to move through South Florida. Not so much way inside in 50 and 60 feet as they were but still close in with 100 to 150 being a good depth. That’s only a few hundred yards here in Ft. Lauderdale. There were strong reports of fish out in roughly 1000 feet of water but the seas are up out there at 5 to7 feet, and with the wind increasing and swinging North and with the Northerly current out there not for everyone. Humps it right up and in a hurry.

So we are sticking it out closer in on and near the reefs. Some Kings in there as well with those traveling Mahi-Mahi and once again there are some Wahoo. A few sails also with 130 feet of water being our number here. Blackfins off the edge but inside early and late. Overall the fishing has dropped a notch from our last report but there continues to be opportunities for good catches.

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