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Fort Lauderdale fishing charters

The wind is up again and the seas are up as well on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters. A good bit of rain also with squalls passing through, but most of the rain has once again been luckily below us in Dade County. In between the showers there has actually been a good amount of blue sky but those showers continue to roll through the area. Just a wee bit cooler and we’ll take it, and a bit more cool air due in town in a couple of days and we’re looking forward to that. We are also looking forward to a few days with less wind, although these fronts almost bring wind.

We continue to see the smaller Sailfish (and an occasional larger one) on and in the vicinity of the offshore reefs. Single fish usually but every now and then a pair. We are hoping for a few small bunches of them very soon. With all this wind there are Mahi-Mahi and Tuna around the edge. The Kings remain spotty but we are continuing the pattern for a couple months now of some nicer sized fish on both the Kings and Mahi. There are some fat Skipjacks continuing to bite off the edge. We found them in 500 feet. Once again a Wahoo here and there, but they have been under 15 pounds. Some large Goliath Grouper holding on structure as expected. Chris and Matt had one they couldn’t turn on 80#.

Tight lines and good fishing.

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