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Fort Lauderdale fishing charters report

Well we got our wish for calmer seas as a result of less wind. Now the skies have literally opened up with record rain. Mother Nature is really on a run as of late. But we have managed to sneak out a few times and the catch has been decent, and hopefully this Fort Lauderdale fishing charter report will be helpful.

As you can see in the first pic the Mahi-Mahi and Kings continue to bite, and often very well. We did suffer from a poorer than average hook-up ratio on this trip and Brian and I, being Dolphin fans, attributed that to the on board presence of that poor choice of attire on Dave (far right), and not that the fish were particularly clever. Good fun and good guys from… you know.

The Mahi have shown a tendency to be be a bit deeper and although there are still good possibilities close to the reefs there have been some fish deeper out around 500 feet. This opens up the playing field so to speak as we have to cover more ground, trolling and then pitching livies when the Mahi jump us. It was nice when we could pop up the kites in 120 to 150 and see numbers of Mahi and Sails but it is a slightly bigger ocean now with the changes. Hopefully they don’t move deeper, which is very possible with all the rainwater that will be entering the ocean from the inlets on falling tides. The Kings have been inside and a mix with the scattered Sails, which continue to be in the area for quite some time now.

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