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Fort Lauderdale fishing trips erratic action

Erratic action. Not what anyone wants to hear but that is what has been happening offshore on our fort Lauderdale fishing trips. We pick away at them but the fishing is just plain erratic right now. As you can see by the picture(s) we have managed some nice fish but it can be a struggle for sure. Some sites only allow a single picture but you can see all the photos with a report on our Facebook page. Same rhetoric, just more pictures.

Grouper season has closed and that is too bad because that has been a bright spot and there are some really nice ones around. The flip side of that is I feel we are seeing them on the charter boats because the water has been just rough enough and cloudy enough on many days to keep the divers at home so the Groupers were fat and happy until the fishing boats tried them on a shallow wreck. It’s all fair and good, divers like the taste of a good Grouper just as much as you and I. Those fish will really get fat and happy now with the season shut down as long as everybody plays by the rules. We’ll catch them, but they are going back.

Some Sails around but the numbers are off as with most everything else. A Wahoo is always a possibility and there are some Kings. And some of those kings (singles) are out in over 300 feet, which is peculiar for here. A few Mahi. There are football sized Tunas in the mix on occasion, but not every day.

The wind has actually gone and the ocean is beautiful. Next front is on the way and the wind will jump up again so we have about two days to enjoy the calm weather and then mother Nature will put her foot down once again. Hopefully this front will kick start some better activity and our next report will have a bit more gloss. It’s certainly not all doom and gloom, just sketchy (erratic)….Tight lines.

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