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Deep Sea fishing Ft. Lauderdale with children

Bringing your children along on a Deep Sea fishing trip here in Ft. Lauderdale can be great fun as long as the weather is reasonable. It’s a short ride to deep water offshore here and if the seas are a bit too choppy for the kids we often fish inshore for Jacks, small Snappers, Barracudas and an occasional Shark. A 9 inch Blue Runner is a close second cousin to Moby Dick for the little ones. Every now and then we get hold of a Snook or Tarpon but those are not to be expected on a daytime trip for us in Ft. Lauderdale waters. So we have had families and kids aboard here and have fished in the deep and also inside when that wind blows, especially with the younger ones like pictured. Little Miss Toronto. More pictures available on our facebook page if you wish. So here is what is going on offshore,

The weather actually has finally given us a break and seas are down. South current switching to North finally. There are a few Sailfish but those numbers continue to be off and we are actually getting more bites from them by covering ground (water) and showing them a good rigged dead bait Ballyhoo or strip baits opposed to waiting with the live baits off the kites for them to show. Once again scattered Kingfish with chances for Mahi and Wahoo but the fishing continues to be erratic once again. Golden Tilefish season has opened with little fanfare but the Vermillion Snappers have been biting well for us mostly in depths of just over 300 feet with about 3 of every 4 we catch being of legal size. An occasional Yellow Eye Snapper mixed in as well.

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