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Fort Lauderdale fishing charters update

Sorry once again to report that our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters are proving to have erratic catch rates. We are continuing to score some nice fish but every day is a new adventure but there are some tough days. We certainly wish it was all roses and Mimosas but that hasn’t been the case. Several Sails once again mostly along the reef line. Nice fat ones when we can get them to bite, which is not every day. Some Mahi inside of 600 feet have hit the ice, but not every day. A few Wahoo but ? ?.. ?. A King here and there and some smaller football Blackfins too. The Snapper continue to be a reasonable choice for those not too particular about catching something that will give a big pull, and most are of legal size. If you are looking for something that pulls back there are some sharks off the edge and then way inside after dark.

Reasonable north current here and decent water color as well. Often looks very good and fishy. Lots of different varieties of bait right now up on the reefs and they are biting well. That allows us more time to search out the targeted fish with the easy time securing bait. But we too often seem to need every minute to get our chances…..Erratic

A couple of fronts are on the way and we are all hoping for an positive change. There will be some rain but it should pass through fairly quickly. Looking forward to tomorrows fishing, not much sense in looking back. We’ll be out early. Tight lines

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