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Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

And here comes the cold, or at least what we refer to cold (55 last night / 65 tops today) and we are ready for it to kick the fishing in Fort Lauderdale fully into gear. As you can see by the pictures the fishing has improved. Nice Wahoo for Riley in the #1 photo. Good Mahi and also a nice Hammerhead ( Shark trip with Mike) pictures on our Facebook page if you can’t see them here on this site. Cooler (colder) yet tomorrow! Visitors really don’t care so much for it but we are rigged and ready for what we know it will bring our way fish wise as it is mid January and Time for things to happen. And a forecast of a low of 47, yes 47, for Saturday. Perfect for us offshore fishermen, not so good once again for the beachies.

This first front dropped the temps down as we spoke but coupled with a South current spelled slow fishing on the reefs and also just off the edge where we often live or die in the Winter months. I could see the humps kicking up offshore that meant north current and noticing numerous birds heading off south east we joined them in 725 feet on what developed into a classic edge where inshore South current meets the beginnings of a shift to a northern flow. Not really rough @ 2 to 3 feet compared to what was just a mile further offshore where that North current picked up steam into the north wind and for sure looked fairly snappy, and we were in the fish.

It looked very Sail fishy but the Mahi-Mahi were very much at home and blitzed us almost continuously. That nice Wahoo came off this edge as well. Pretty blue water, scattered weed, and us. It’s nice to get it right, especially after so many ups and downs lately. So put on your light jacket for that morning stroll along our beautiful beach if that is on your agenda and it truly is beautiful walking the sand on clear Winter mornings. We’ll be a bit bundled up as well but we will be a bit further offshore and looking up sea for the tailing Sailfish we fully expect to see with this mid January front. Tight lines.

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