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Fort Lauderdale offshore fishing

So here comes the next frontal system once again, and once again we are hoping for an uptick in the Fort Lauderdale offshore fishing fortunes as they continue to be erratic. Some reasonable catches of Mahi-Mahi and a few Sails but we are experiencing some slow days for sure. Again some Jacks and snappers biting with the light north current.

Most of the Mahi-Mahi are of decent size once again with a few really good ones in the mix. Just off the edge continues to be best and again the small schools almost constantly on the move. They will pause and hang above the larger wrecks and the ?Rosebowl? down south of us but those areas are good for the 1st boat there if they are holding there at all. But we have managed them a few times and our customers have enjoyed some good meals and my family has benefited as well with some good dinners.

The Sailfish remain scattered from 80 feet on out to over 300 and certainly not too many chances at them this week. We do have the front rolling in and we’ll see what happens there and the Mahi-Mahi fishing will hopefully be a bit more dependable.

Our weather has been reasonable but it will kick up a bit with the front moving through. The original forecast had predicted the wind to howl but that has been lowered and that is of course good news. As I grow (just a wee bit) older I find myself looking happily forward to getting out there when a frontal system’s trip down into and down through Florida grinds the pointy tips of the teeth off these fronts and the forecast drops to civil. I bet you feel the same.

Tight lines, Capt. JJ

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