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Fort Lauderdale fishing charters

The wind is back in the picture with this latest front and it has brought a little better bite to us on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters!…. But once again a good day (5 Sails for Capt. Matt as an example) is soon followed by another struggle to get some fish in the box.

We see the Mahi-Mahi inside of 400 feet of water, which as many of you know, is only a couple of miles off the beach. All of which are gaffer sized fish, but again few in number. The current was absolutely off the scale yesterday as we dropped to the bottom in 725 feet of water for the Golden Tilefish. Four pounds of lead and letting additional line off the spool to hold the bottom every 5 to 10 seconds but the Tilefish were biting well again and we caught them fairly quickly. Today virtually no current . Another day, a different scenario. Today Mahi, Little Tunny and Skipjack Tuna joined us aboard but no Tiles as bottom fishing out there was not in the cards with heavy seas with this latest front.

The wind will be swinging to due South as we post this report, and we are postponing our trip tomorrow for a day to get a better sea condition. So the erratic fishing continues and once again here comes another front. We of course are ready, but a bit less wind please……. Mother Nature, can’t really trust her, she really is a bitch (LOL). Can’t claim that quote as my own. It was coined by the wonderful and late Lindsley Forde, and right on the money.

Tight lines

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