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Fort Lauderdale fishing trips

Our Lauderdale fishing trips and charters this past week have once again become an exercise in flexibility. We have managed some fun and successful days out on the water but if you have your sights set on something such as a Sailfish or any type of larger fish the pickings can be tough. We have managed a couple of Sailfish and Shark but we have been leaning toward different species on many days.

What has been our go to fish when looking for some fine eating and an almost guaranteed bite has been the Golden Tiles, but that has slowed so we have been trolling a bit more and also targeting the shallow water wrecks regularly.

There have been some Kings as you can see in one photo and also some smaller Wahoo as well. The best action there has been in water once again less than 200 feet deep, which is about a mile and a half off the beach. Mostly deep line bites but an occasional fish on a surface bait.

A couple of shallow water wrecks have been very good to us, but again there are those bumps in the road we have mentioned in earlier reports. We fish these wrecks with spinning gear our preference unless the customer feels more comfortable with a little beefier tackle. Live bait has been the key and we have used Pilchards, Goggle Eyes and Bullett Bonitos for bait and all have gotten attention. Occasional Snappers (Muttons and a single Dog), Groupers which remain out of season and Jacks, both Almoco and Amberjack. There have been some very good days fishing these wrecks.

The weather remains close to stellar with no rain. Partly cloudy this morning here and it looked as if it might shower, but it didn’t happen. Typical day underway here. Partly cloudy has continued throughout the dayand a slight breeze. Low at the dock this morning of 69 F. 76 right now and a 10 MPH wind out of the Northeast. Pleasant conditions to be offshore. Tight lines and good fishing to all.

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