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Fishing Charters in Ft. Lauderdale mid March

It’s hard to grasp that we are already half way through March and our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale are involving a bit extra sunscreen and bottled waters as it is into the 80s every day now. Where did Winter go and so quickly at that. We have fished all week and although it has been warm as we mentioned the seas have been up with a frontal system that has camped out here bringing quite a bit of wind on us but no really cooler days. Not stupid rough but certainly a bit snappy offshore.

That wind we dealt with all week has finally backed off and the forecast is for some decent weather and very minimal sea conditions offshore. That’s good news for sure and I know myself and crew members (especially Capt Matt) are ready for some smooth sailing. When the seas are up often the catches are up as well, but enough is enough already.

We we said we are having better catches on many days but those slower days are still with us. The tougher fishing days are directly related to slow current situations lately. The Sailfish we have caught have shown a tendency to once again be a bit deeper than normal, but we have had some success with them. Live baiting with the kites has been a good choice but we have seen then in the trolling spread too.

There are a few Mahi- Mahi, some good ones as well, and the fishing should be ready to tale off very soon. We have left the tTlefish and Snapper alone for the most part due to the sea conditions, but they have bit when we have given them a try. Wahoo have been inside of 300 feet or about a mile and a half off the beach here and we managed three this week. Two on the troll and one on live bait. Only a handful of Kings this week.
Tight lines and good fishing

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