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Fort Lauderdale fishing trips

Amazing what a little bit of cooler weather and a northeast breeze adds to the likely hood of better fishing (catching) on our Fort Lauderdale fishing trips. And better fishing results on our charters it is for sure. Several days in a row now of Sailfish offshore and biting here. Mahi-Mahi swimming to the south. Better chances for a fat Blackfin Tuna and if these fish are scattered the Golden tiles have been pretty consistent on the deep drops.

The Sailfish action has been in less than 200 feet of water and for us right around 10 feet has been the place to try them. Kites and free lined live baits are best as we have seen few by trolling even though 1st mate Brian has been putting some really nice trolling spreads out behind the boat.

The Mahi-Mahi seem to be coming in brief waves which is a bit unusual and yesterday they pushed through for about two hours in a wide area stretching from 100 feet to over 400.

We are seeing the Kings on the inside as they are jumping the kite baits in that 100 foot depth.
Blackfins have been on the kites and the Tiles on the deep drops continue to bite best @ over 700 feet.

Tight lines and good fishing to all.

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