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Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

Well it is now certain that Old man Winter is on the way out the door. Today they are calling for a high of 87 and yesterday we had our first coastal thunderstorm complete with a really god light show from some serious lightning. Happy to see that pass. This morning and along with the warm weather and that projected high of 87 a brief light rain that held no thunder or lightning (!!!) has cleared and it is becoming a pleasant but partly cloudy day. Our boats are off the dock and headed offshore for our daily fishing charters here in Fort Lauderdale.

Sailfish continue to be a possibility on each charter with fish showing right and just offshore of the reefs in water from 100 to 180 feet in depth. Sails also seem to be passing by further offshore with several out in 500 to 600 feet. Yesterday was an example of this as we caught one trolling in 550 feet and then a second one on live bait in 150 feet. We have spent a fair amount of time out further targeting Golden Tiles (which have been biting well) out in 700 to 725 with live baits in the kites while fishing on the bottom for those Tiles with an occasional Rosebelly Perch in the mix, but only an occasional Mahi strike out there on those surface baits with no Sails and also no Sharks. It’s March (aka Mako March here) and we are hoping for one of those, especially spending some time out in that deeper water, but none so far for us or any of the boats. But it will happen. Hammerheads are slow right now and the way I see it that means less time hooked up to a Hammerhead which means more time spent with baits in the water and available for Mr. Mako. The Hammerheads will be here in numbers soon enough and Mako March is ticking by. Always a special treat for South Florida anglers when a Mako drops by.

Good Wahoos around and the scattered Mahi-Mahi. Larger Amberjacks are arriving and are mostly on the deeper wrecks for now. As we mentioned the Golden tiles have been a regular target for us and there have been some fat ones well into the teens. We are not fishing the Gray tiles as they continue to be small and we are only allowed to keep a single fish. Snapper fishing has been on the weak side so we are looking elsewhere, mainly those Goldens and Jacks. Kings continue to be on again/off again with no big numbers, but some nicer sized fish.

Tight lines to all and happy Easter from from all of us (JJ,Matt, Tommy K, Brian and JJ) @ All- Inclusive Sportfishing.

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