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Fort lauderdale fishing charters

Fishing here has steadily improved for the last several days and our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters are yielding some good catches. Pleasant weather and comfortable seas have been a plus as well.

Wahoo, Kingfish, Tunas, Mahi, Tilefish, and Sails. Big Amberjacks on the deep wrecks. Shark season is in full swing if a fall run Hammerhead or maybe a Thresher sounds like fun. The fishing right now now is not spectacular but quite good, especially coming off the roller coaster ride of late. Six Wahoo this morning on a half day. That is exceptional as they were all reef caught fish coming in double headers on the deep planers and surface trolling lines baited with Stan Ruer Witch baits with Bonito strips. In the summer we get into smaller Wahoo around debris offshore and can rack up some numbers, but six off the reef is special. Capt Matt and 1st mate Brian were on the ?X?, and more than once. Nice Sail along with some Mahi and Blackfins on the afternoon charter.

The water isn’t particularly clear and there is a distinct lack of current with a trickle showing at best but the fish are here and that is what really matters. 200 to 400 feet of water has been the best for all except those Tiles out in over 700 and the Kings inside as usual on the reefs. There were some reports of better numbers of Mahi offshore today and that is news we have been hoping for. Swordfish as well. These will require all day charters so ($) you’ll have to get off your wallet if that sounds like fun…… It is.

Weather has been great and in the mid 80s. There is some rain in the picture for Sat and Blake Sheldon and a host of other super stars and 20,000 fans at the ?Tortuga? music event across the street on the beach may well get a bit damp (including my daughter). But we’ll be offshore fishin and steering around as much of that rain as we can. The fish don’t care, they’re already wet. And if the fishing continues as it has we don’t care either. Have a good weekend and tight lines from us aboard the Marlin My Darlin.

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