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Fort Lauderdale fishing trips

Our Fort Lauderdale fishing trips are once again providing good action for our charters. That last front was followed by the best weather of the year. Clear skies, cool days, and an essentially calm ocean for four straight days and now continued dry weather with the temperature closing in on 90 by mid afternoon but a southerly breeze to help take the edge off that warmth once again. A bit of a chop yesterday morning with that breeze but by noon the seas had found their groove so to speak and it became very comfortable once again. Next to no wind this morning and a fair amount of clouds but rain probability is listed at next to none. Nice fishing weather and the fish are here.

As you can see in the lead picture depending where you read this report there’s a good variety of species biting now. We have been finding the Mahi-Mahi for the most part in water less than 700 feet. These fish continue to be rapidly on the move on most of the days and heading to the south. We often catch the smaller Wahoo offshore when we find floating debris which as most are aware can also hold the Mahi, but that debris has not held any Wahoo for us yet. Not so many Mahi on the debris either as they are very much on the move in open water and not just current edges. We continue to see some larger Wahoo inside along and just off the reef, but none out in the deep on the ?floaters?.

Good Kingfish action just offshore of the reefs in water from 130 to 180 feet. A nice fully grown Sailfish for us this morning in that same area, Lots of Bonito and some Tunas on several trips but they have backed off somewhat the last two days.

Tilefish are biting very well for us in water of just over 700 feet. Always nice to see the rod bend quickly when targeting them as it is a long way down, and a slower long way up for these bottom dwellers. No big ones for us, just a mixture from average to just above and just below. Can’t control the size of the prize there. But a fatty is always possible as our friend CaptainVinnie had one a good 20+ pounds. Hopefully there’s a Tile like that one in our near future.

A few Groupers and the Amberjacks continue strong on the deep wrecks. Some Mutton Snappers around the edges just off those wrecks, and the Vermillion Snappers continue to be a good bet on deeper structure.

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