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Deep Sea fishing trips in Fort Lauderdale

It’s hard to believe that summer is already upon us. Within a couple of weeks our Deep Sea fishing trips here in Fort Lauderdale will have a lot more young anglers as those kids get out of school and we welcome that enthusiasm the younger generation brings aboard. We see children now mainly on the weekends but any day of the week will soon work for most families. And yes we do have x-small life preservers for the littlest of anglers. Also have a few with more fabric for those built like me.

The Kings continue to bite well on most days. These fish have moved a bit shallower despite rising temperatures the last couple of days and we are seeing them in water from 90 to 130 feet. They are well distributed both above and below our inlet. The majority are school sized fish but there are fish over 10# mixed in. Very few shorts as most are large enough to hit the ice.

Mahi-Mahi have proven elusive for the last two days after we had some decent fish earlier in the week. Still mornings and a lack of current are our reasoning for them being reclusive and we’re sticking to that. Sounds good on paper. LOL. We have found a few under the Hawks and got some that were hanging with a Green Turtle in 750 feet but it has been off for them. Very few Wahoo but we’ll keep them in mind making sure to use that little short piece of leader wire when we set the spread.

Golden Tiles remain pretty steady and the Vermillion Snapper have been a steady pick but again on the smaller side. Really nice fat Amberjacks on the wrecks continue to really crack the rod over when using live bait. Jigging for them has been exhausting for anglers and mates alike with few takers on the jigs It’s still fun but when you drop a live Bonito on the wreck and often get what we call an ?insta bite? the jigging rods often go back on the rack.

Large and small anglers and large and small fish as well here aboard Marlin My Darlin this week. Tight lines and good fishing from all of us here including myself, Captains Matt and TK and 1st mates Garrett and JJ. The weather is great. See you offshore.

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