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Fort Lauderdale fishing report

As we say goodbye to the Memorial Day weekend and post this Fort Lauderdale fishing report we are experiencing some very nice weather with no rain and very little wind. Some rather ugly weather on Saturday morning thankfully left us as quickly as it arrived and the only rain the last two days has been out over the Everglades, which is typical of this time of year. Bone dry @ the beach.

There are a few Sailfish in our area and these fish as once again widely distributed from the reefs to way offshore. We are seeing most of them on strip baits fished on the long riggers and also on the center rigger which is the furthest out surface line. We fish a lot of dink feathers on that center rigger for the Tunas but when we add a strip Sailfish become a possibility there.

Kingfish inside on the reefs with the deep lines by far the best approach as the seas are very calm. If you can locate them it makes for a steady pick on most days such as today and yesterday, but Saturday was very tough for them as we only caught a few, with a couple of the boats drawing blanks. Getting that initial bite and then staying close is key when the schools are few and tightly bunched.

Tunas off the edge on those dink lures we spoke of and when and if you find them reel fast as there are plenty of Sharks here right now and the Sandbars have a sweet tooth for the struggling Tuna at the end of the line.

Gray Tilefish season is open and that is great news if only they were biting. The lockjaw holds true right now for the Golden Tiles too. There are some Muttons and the Vermillions seem happy to bite on most days.

So a couple of good fishing days followed by a tough one seems to be the pattern. Get out there and enjoy the weather either way, and hopefully you will be there for the better fishing days

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