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Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale late June

Captains Matt and Capt. Kopper have had some good catches aboard the Marlin My Darlin on our recent fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. Pleasant sea conditions of less than three feet and some good action continuing on the near shore reefs. But it can be warm and we are going through a good bit of bottled waters every week. A nice cold iced bottled water when fishing on a warm day hits the spot better than almost anything with the exception of possibly one other type of ice cold beverage that finds its way into our cooler, and our food and beverage package (on request, and it’s requested quite often) includes that beverage, either domestic or imported, you pick it. On to the fish that work up that thirst.

The reefs are producing good numbers of ?Little Tunny? or Bonito as we call them here along with some good catches of school sized Kings. Almost all of the action on these fish is taking place in 150 feet of water or less which is roughly a mile offshore. The Kings are coming as expected in the most numbers on the deep fished lines. The Bonito are biting both the surface and deep baits. When we can get the Bonito going on the surface we catch quite a few on 20 # spinning gear and a big bomber Bonito on spin can really pull some line off the reel. A bigger bait doesn?t necessarily mean a bigger fish as Bonito, even the largest ones, don?t hesitate on a well presented smaller bait. Top ten list of worst fish to eat in the ocean, any ocean, but as we have mentioned before they are good fun. A couple quick bites in succession on that 20# spin from fish in the 12 to 15 pound class will have most anyone stepping back and ready for that cold one. A few Blackfin Tuna in the mix and they are just fine for the table as many of you know.

Mahi-Mahi are not out of the question but they have been tough. We have caught them but hunt and seek and maybe hide and seek might be more accurate. We wish the fishing for them were better or even average but they are elusive. Hopefully our next report has better news on them. Some Swordfish activity off shore but the ride there can be a long one with few or no Mahi along the way.

There are Snappers and Tilefish available and those seasons are open and these fish taste as good as any Mahi-Mahi on most fishermen?s table. The only thing that slows us down bottom fishing there is too much current to hold the bottom with a reasonably sized weight, or no current, which can often give them lock jaw. We have been floating a light tackle small live bait off one rigger and a large tackle shark bait out the back on the opposite rigger when fishing the snappers and Tiles and although no Sailfish this week that way on the live bait the 5 to 7 foot sharks are still here and showing up often on that fresh heavier tackle dead bait. Those Sails are very scattered once again can be in 20 feet on out near the middle in over 2000 feet. We are seeing them incidentally while general fishing and not targeting them as a catch but we are sure to include baits in our spread that will tempt them if we happen to cross paths with them.

Tight lines and have a good safe weekend. God bless the USA and a special thanks to those who serve and preserve our freedoms.

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