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Fishing charters Ft Lauderdale area report

The weather remains pleasant here with just enough showers offshore to take the edge off of some pretty warm days. Occasional heavy one, but this is Florida, and it is July, but many are short in duration and do knock several degrees off the top in very short order. A nice breeze has been blowing and that is nice after some very still mornings. Here’s what has been going on on our fishing charters here in Ft. Lauderdale. We’ll break it down by individual species this week.

There are a few Mahi-Mahi to be caught but once again be ready to spend some time hunting. The pattern for this and most all summers is these fish are much deeper on most days now. We have seen some on the inside but most will be out in the deep. Some good sized ones but most are typically smaller. If you wish to chase Mahi we recommend a full day charter.

A couple of Sailfish for us this week and once again these are incidental catches hooked while trolling strip baits out of the riggers. Slower trolling speed on the reefs and then a bit quicker when offshore and they have been aggressive bites either way.

Bottom fishing been OK with Capt. Kopper practicing his special skills there and putting some nice fish in the box from snappers to various species of Jacks.

Inshore trolling on the reefs remains a good option, especially if you have children as the action is often pretty regular and keeps the kids involved. Our charters now have children aboard nearly every day. The summer push of Bonito continues on as it should for at least another six weeks or so. Again the Kings are mixed in and some have been running larger than last weeks fish. Some Blackfin Tuna too, mostly smaller, and they are often just outside the Kings and Bonito which is taking place in less than 200 feet of water. All of these are good fun for children and it seems that sharks are magical to the majority of the kids and the bite on the Sharks thankfully remains good. Capt. Matt put the junior anglers on several this past week. Mostly Hamerheads and Sandbars.

There are and will continue to be Swordfish offshore. Summer offers the calm days that are best suited to try them and those Mahi-Mahi are welcome party crashers offshore and go hand and hand with Swordies on summer offshore trips.

Tight lines and good fishing

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