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Fort Lauderdale fishing charters report

As we head into the back half of July early mornings and late afternoons have held the best action. This is typical of South Florida fishing patterns for his time of year. We offer both here on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters.

A persistent southerly win has moved on for now. It did keep it cooler but along with that breeze came a short chop due to a south current. The breeze and the current as well have backed off somewhat this morning.

Kingfish continue to be our go to fish as they are for one close to shore and secondly because they continue to bite reasonably consistently. All sizes this week on them. We continue to troll often but we have done a bit more live baiting this week and that has drawn some bites from larger Kingfish, but trolling continues to produce the most action. And we do try for action as we have a lot of kids aboard every week now.

Some Mahi-Mahi but they remain very difficult, which with only a few exceptions, has been the story of this summer. Scattered Sailfish once again as we head toward the end of July. There is good news about the Wahoo as this moon has brought an increase in their numbers. Mostly just off the reef line and around shipwrecks have been the best areas to search for them. The moons on into late September should offer chances at some good sized fish. The flip side is those moons can put a crimp in the amount of Kingfish activity, but find a good sized school and chances go up.

Football Blackfin Tunas off the edge. Bonito are hungry there and on top of the reefs as well bringing those good sized Wahoo to us. Tilefish out further off the edge and of course right down in the mud. Not too sporty there but I think they are superior to the Mahi-Mahi once cooked up for dinner.

Tight lines, good fishing, and get those kids offshore before that school bell rings.

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