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Fort Lauderdale fishing charter

A nice break in the temperatures today as the high was only in the mid 80s. The A/C units will be running strong tomorrow though as it is predicted to get to 90. The rains that have been on and off are forecast to disappear for the most part. Our anglers will probably spend a little time inside soaking up some cooler air between bites, and why not ? A Ft. Lauderdale fishing charter comes with iced cold water and cold A/C to take the edge off. Cold beer works toofor many anglers, rain or shine.

Nice calm sea conditions and the fishing is decent. A dozen fish this morning on a 4 hour charter, all caught along the edge of the reefs. Kings and Bonitos. Two nice Sailfish for us in the past two days and those fish came off (once again) the outside edge of the reef. Blackfin Tunas continue to be a possibility just off the reef. Mahi-Mahi remain difficult. Lots of Barracudas on and off the reef. Fun for the kids and great Shark bait. A few wrecks still holding good sized Jacks and there are Snapper and Tilefish. Grouper fishing is right there with the Mahi-Mahi fishing, difficult.

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