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Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing

Near shore Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing remains productive. There have been Wahoo, Sailfish and moderate to larger sized Sharks within two miles of the beach. The weather is of course warm and the breeze has become very slight. So it has been a bit sticky like most everywhere else but the ocean has basically been flat calm for days now with beautiful sunny skies. Here’s to a few showers and some clouds to even overcast skies to slow that Forida summer sun down a bit. We’re just never completely happy are we.

As expected the Wahoo bit with the moon and again the best areas for them were around structure and just outside of the reef line. Anchored ships waiting off the Port provide us with chances at these fish as well. They provide shade and are an attractant for various types of baitfish which are to the Wahoo’s and other predator’s liking. Early morning or later in the day is best.

We continue to see the August Sailfish and again just off the reef line with some inside of that as well. They continue to be colorblind in regards to water clarity when the current is present, many of them preferring to hunt for food and hang out in the green water as opposed to the blue colored water just deeper.

The current has lessened and we are seeing some grouper and good sized jacks. There are Kingfish, Blackfins and the Bonitos and many are way inside despite the warmer summer reef water.

Occasional Mahi-Mahi but still ridiculously slow for them. When debris is located out in the deeper blue water and searching for those difficult Mahi there occasionally are the smaller Wahoo beneath that debris, but most are smaller than the larger ones we are seeing near shore along the reefs.

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