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Fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale

The heat has backed off somewhat (thankfully) and the ever so slight change in the temperature (and more so the ?feels like? index) coupled with almost flat calm sea conditions and good fishing has made our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale fun and enjoyable for many anglers.

Wahoo continue to be a target species for us. We continue to feel the best approach to getting bites from them is by trolling. and the combination of a Sea witch style lure coupled with a large Bonito strip tucked up inside the lure head is our bait of choice.

The Kingfish have been biting very well on most days and we are getting most of our bites in less than 160 feet of water. With water about 110 feet deep being best. These are ?school Kings? and almost every one is of legal size. It is nice to see them here in good numbers and hopefully they stay around. Right out front of the inlet has been good and also some fish to the south of us.

The Bonito bite has slowed as expected. There are still some around and will continue to be so, but the main run is on the downside. That is good news to some who only want eating fish and the Bonito get in the game taking baits and taking up time, but to us we don’t really mind them on most charters as anglers (especially kids) like to stay busy. And we do take advantage of them to stock up on the strip baits we cut from them that hopefully carry us through the year. The going rate for Bonito strips out of a tackle store is now 2 bucks per strip. That’s a big hit if you are a weekend boater buying your bait. We run 7 days a week and obviously the Bonito is our friend on many days unless an angler chooses a specific species to pursue, and even then the Bonitos can crash the party regularly.

The Mahi-Mahi continue to be tough with only a few available to us. There are some Sailfish in the area and an occasional Blackfin Tuna. We have spent some time with the snappers and have caught them each time, but fishing for them has been all over the chart with one day being slow and then the next resulting in a good catch.

Tight lines and good fishing from all of us aboard the Marlin My Darlin.

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