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Winter months Fishing in Fort. Lauderdale 2016

By October 1, 2016May 26th, 2017Forecasts

And so here we are on the last day of Fall. Seems quite a few of our northern neighbors would differ with the “official” day what with the recent horrible weather in many areas of the country. Still warm here with a record high of 87 in Miami today. A crisp 85 here in Fort Lauderdale. So here is what we expect as we enter the Winter months. What to expect Fishing in Fort Lauderdale :

This Fall season just ending has offered some good fishing on many days and we expect this to continue to be the norm as we enter into the winter months. We had some very good Sailfishing some days during mid November and continuing into December. Hopefully this will continue, especially picking up as we see the cold fronts moving through our area. There are always off days but it has been promising.

Winter is a time we see some really fully grown Kings and there are some in the area now. Most of the big boys will fall to live bait but we will see some days with good catches caught by trolling the deep planer rods we use so regularly in the summer and fall.

Expect some Wahoo but probably not as strong as it has been for the last couple of weeks. We do well on the Wahoo in the fall, but the last few days have been very strong with good numbers of schooling fish. We will catch them this Winter, and some will be exceptional, but for sheer numbers of good fish this Fall will probably be unbeatable.

Some really fat Blackfin tunas will be taken with the largest falling to live baits more often than to trolling dead baits. Big Blackfins are a sucker for live baits fished out of the kites and frequent takers of baits meant for Sailfish.

For those who like to tangle with Sharks there will be some as always, but not in the big numbers that Spring will offer. But last December and January held some really fully grown Threshers and an occasional early bird Mako. A really fun (but smaller models) of Sharks will be available as probably our most frequently Shark encounter and that would be Spinner and Blacktip Sharks. Tackle down and get ready as they are a blast and like to take to the air in spectacular twisting and rolling jumps. We love them here on Marlin My Darlin, and the good news they like it close to shore, often very near the beach, so they are readily available when in the area. Very much a willing and worthwhile game fish. If these guys fit the bill and you fish with us give us a heads up prior to your charter so we can put them on your list. Catch and release.

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