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Fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale

Scattered rain most every day has actually knocked the edge off temperatures and hasn’t been severe enough to force any cancellations of our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale. The wind has finally begun to blow slightly and that further takes some of the heat away. Either way we still have that Florida sun for a good portion of every day and we had a couple of charters arrive aboard this week sporting some pink sin, so it’s always a good idea to use a quality sunscreen.

We continue to see Wahoo, Kingfish, Bonito and Blackfin Tunas in the vicinity of the reefs as you see in the photos of some anglers we have had aboard recently with their fish. But it has slowed slightly with a fluctuation of catches this week. Still some good numbers of decent fish hitting the ice often, but some stretches of erratic bites. Strong catch of Kings yesterday for our anglers ut of Destin, Fl but that followed a day when we only managed four Kings on a morning charter. Thankfully the Bonito continue to fill some of the gaps in action. A Mahi- Mahi here and there but certainly no big days for them.

Every charter still holds the possibility of Wahoo or Sailfish. The current is up and moving to the north. We have a good number of baitfish on and just off the edge of the reefs now and this should continue to be an regular situation we happily encounter. Lots off Ballyhoo on the inside reefs along with the small Bullet Bonito so loved by the Wahoo being found in there and all the way to offshore of the edge. Fair numbers of Mullet moving south and those numbers should increase with more schools entering our fishing area.

Trolling with dead baits and artificials remains our first choice but we are doing more live baiting now, especially when trying to match the hatch while working around the bait schools Sometimes something different bait wise draws a strike around these schools, but often giving them what they are in the area of (that bait school) is a good choice. Not every bait school holds good gamefish, but some certainly will.

So be ready for the possibility of a shower but also bring that sunscreen and a hat. It’s Florida and it’s October. Tight lines and good fishing

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