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Deep Sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Deep Sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale has once again been offering up a mixed bag of species. As we get into the Fall we will be seeing some frontal systems pushing through our fishing area. Most of these systems lose a bit of their original punch as they travel down to us, but some will hold some wind even though most of the cold will be further to the north than we will see here in South Florida. One of these fronts is coming upon us now and with seas up offshore we offer our anglers the option of inshore fishing until we feel conditions offshore return to an acceptable level.

Our charters this week included Jay and his gang that fish with us regularly. Always fun and good to see them aboard again. Many approaches were used during their charters as Jay and the boys like variety and that is fine by us. Bottom live and cut baits, surface and planer rod trolling, and surface kite fishing were used on their charters.

Bottom fishing yielded Yellow Eye and Vermillion Snappers with these fish coming off structure in 320 to 340 feet of water. Live baiting from the kite produced a couple of good sized Sailfish. Both Capt. Matt and Capt. Kopper stayed clear of the reefs and the Kingfish in there as one fish we haven’t caught for this group is a Wahoo so efforts were concentrated offshore of the reef line. That fish remains on the wish list. A nice Hammerhead provided a strong fight also came from the same depths as the sails which was an area between 280 and 320 feet of water chosen as the location to live bait fish one day by Capt. Matt due to current conditions and water clarity. We often live bait much shallower on many days. Only a single Mahi-Mahi made it aboard here despite a venture off shore searching for them the 1st day. That deep water hunt offshore only produced Skipjack Tunas. This has been the norm as the Mahi-Mahi have been proven tough to find on many days. That can change day to day and it would have been nice to find them out there but it wasn’t in the cards. We’ll keep trying them. With the approaching front and the forecast of strong onshore winds the fishing for those Mahi could improve.

Tight lines and good fishing from the crew aboard Marlin My Darlin

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