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Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Our fishing in Fort Lauderdale has continued steady with the expected Kingfish along with some Wahoo and Sailfish available. We were hit with a lot of wind for several days and thankfully that has subsided now as a alight cool front has moved into our area, bringing a complete change in the weather. Gone is the hard East wind and today it has been replaced by a slight Northwest breeze. A bit of rain during the night as the front moved in and that rain was gone by this morning , dawning as a a partly cloudy day without rain and some milder temperatures in the forecast here.

The Kings are in tight and 120 feet of water has been a good general area for them. Trolling has been productive and the deep lines baited with Bonito strips and finger Mullet have been best. An occasional fish on the spoon, but the strips get the most attention. Trolling back and forth across the reefs has added some Bonito as well. Sailfish and some Wahoo continue to be best encountered slightly deeper, but inside of 300 feet. Mahi-Mahi were here in fair numbers during the blow but have backed off with the new weather. But the good news there are still some moving through and catching them in a reasonable sea condition instead of the seas we experienced a few days back is a plus.

On the bottom there have been Vermillion Snappers on the basic triple baited rigs. Occasional Grouper in the mix. There continue to be some Jacks giving a good pull. After a vacation to parts unknown we are once again seeing Golden Tiles back in our area. We of course welcome them back home as they are a deep water (700+feet) favorite of ours.

Tight lines and good fishing

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