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Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea fishing charters

The weather has been spectacular and our Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea fishing charters are enjoying clear skies, almost flat calm sea conditions, and very moderate temperatures as we work our way through a cool front here in South Florida. We are certainly enjoying this weather and the fishing hasn’t been too bad either.

As you can see by our photos there have been some Sailfish around lately and some good sized ones at that. Our staple the Kingfish has been on the reefs in reasonable numbers with a few Bonito and Skipjack Tunas continuing to find our baits. There are even a few Mahi-Mahi to be caught which is always good news unless you are specifically targeting Sailfish, and even then they are usually very welcome. A few Wahoo biting and that could easily get stronger as we work into the big moon phase.

We continue to do a lot of trolling as it is producing more fish and better action as opposed to spending a large portion of our charters live baiting. There are fish to be caught by live baiting for sure, especially the Sailfish, but rolling rigged natural and artificial baits has been best once again. A full day daytime trip offshore into the deep water dedicated for Swordfish for us resulted in no bites from them despite trying several locations and depths with a total of five drops. We did catch a nice Blue Shark which is a surprise catch here as they prefer much cooler water to the north from us than our warm Gulfstream water temperatures. That fish was caught 16 miles offshore.

Tight lines and good fishing. We are enjoying this weather and will continue to focus the majority of charters on fishing in water within two miles of shore to take advantage of the Sailfish, Kings, Mahi-Mahi and the occasional Wahoo that are being found in there along with a good number of various species of bait schools that are their focus.

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