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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

Anglers (and ourselves) aboard the Marlin My Darlin are enjoying some truly great weather here on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters. All that poor weather and and in some areas a lot of snow associated with much of the country has come through here with only a set of fast moving showers that passed quickly. The temperature is down by roughly only 10 degrees and the wind remains well within the fishable range. Good amounts of sun and clear skies. We were and remain fortunate with the weather.

The current has been flowing to the north and there is good water color and clarity in the deep and also on the inshore reefs. We continue to have the best success by using the small live (bullet) Bonito as our go to bait fish. Some really nice Kingfish continue to be in our South Florida fishing area and the bullet Bonito draw the most attention as we work through our fishing options. On most days these baits have been readily available and biting around the anchored ships (6 yesterday)without having to search them out over various wrecks. A little current is a big plus as a lack of current can be a kiss of death in getting these Bonito to hold alongside the anchored ships so we can concentrate our efforts there. And of course where you find the bait is almost always a good place to fish has proven true as we are seeing the majority of the biggest Kings around those ships.

Trolling has produced some smaller Kings and remains erratic with some good sized Bonito piling on the baits on the reefs. Off the edge there are some Skipjack Tunas, smaller Blackfin Tunas and an occasional Wahoo with this big moon. Mahi-Mahi and Sailfish remain tough with only an occasional fish. Tile Fish and Snapper fishing has had some good days but can be erratic as well with an occasional Grouper. Further out Rosebelly Perch. We have gone very deep on most spots with electric reels preferred. Your choice

There are some Sharks arriving now into our area and Hammerheads are becoming more common as well as some Blacktip and Spinner Sharks inshore.

Tight lines and good fishing. Enjoy this weather and don’t be surprised if some days you have to pound the pavement to bend the rods regularly. There are good fish available.

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