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Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Nice warm days with continued low wind situations have combined to make for pleasant fishing in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas of Miami and Pompano Beach. Lots of sun and no rain here for several days now. 86 to 87 degrees forecast as the high for Wednesday. We continue on a pace for possibly the warmest Winter ever recorded. Compare that with the 18 to 24 inches of snow now in the Northeast and it seems like another solar system. I personally would like to see some cool to cold air, but the folks spending the big bucks to stay here for awhile surely would beg to differ. Anyway, warm to hot is the forecast for the rest of the week here. Shorts, T shirt and some sunscreen.

Still finding those over sized Kingfish willing to take a live Bonito fished as bait. These fish are ranging from 60 feet of water on out to 150, with 85 to 100 feet near the third offshore reef line being a good depth. Some smaller Kings too but the big ones taking the live baits, especially as we wind down off this big moon.

The football sized Blackfin Tuna continue to pass through our area just outside of that same third reef line. Good fun on lighter tackle.

A few more Mahi-Mahi have shown up in our Ft. Lauderdale fishing areas offshore but they remain smallish, but most are of legal ‘keeper? size, which is a very generous 20 inch fork length. Small bunches of Mahi-Mahi chasing flying fish and occasionally picking through the weed for looking for easier to catch smaller fish. Small baits are the best presentation here as they by far draw the most bites and have the best hook up ratio on those bites.

We have been hammering our bottom spots lately with mixed results. A good catch day is followed up by a weak one. Tiles, Vermies and Porkies. There are some fat Amberjacks as pictured on the deep wrecks. Some A.J. on the inside wrecks as well, but typically a bit smaller. Always fun when we can find them, regardless of size.

Sailfishing remains weak here but there is better news for Swordfish out in the Gulfstream. We will be taking aim @ them shortly with one of our regulars and his son so wish us good fishing and we’ll see you offshore.

Tight lines and good fishing from all of us aboard the Marlin My Darlin

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