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Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing charters

After a brief stint with some choppy sea yesterday we are returning the essentially calm wave conditions once again for the next few days. Along with the currently westerly winds we are expecting some warm days on our Fort Lauderdale area deep sea fishing charters, possibly reaching 90 degrees. I just loaded up the storage area aboard the Marlin My Darlin with more than the usual half dozen cases of bottled water and you can be sure there will plenty of iced waters available aboard for our anglers and crew members as well.

Mahi-Mahi remain elusive, a nice way of saying targeting them as your primary species for the day is a great way to be disappointed. It is nice when they are at least somewhat available, but sometimes it can be feast or famine. A middle ground would be nice, but only an occasional fish for now.

Decent Kingfish right out front and there are some fatter ones mixed in. Blackfin Tuna have been a bright spot. Close to shore and some good ones as well. Bonito in the mix.

Tilefish biting OK and should be even better as the current slows coming off this moon. Amberjacks still on the wrecks and although targeting a Shark can be an “insta bite” or be a bit of a waiting game as the season for them is slowing, there are still good numbers of them around offshore.

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