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Fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale offering Tuna, Sailfish and Shark










Picture perfect weather in South Florida and our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale are having good success. Good numbers of Blackfin Tuna, a few mo

re Sailfish out front, and those Sharks are a good bet on many charters. Really large Amberjacks are taking over the deep water wrecks now.

Good numbers of Blackfin Tuna available to most charters and we only struggled one afternoon this week when they shut down. 150 to 350 feet of water has been best and the occasional Bonito taking the baits when we get inside of 200 feet.

An increase of Sailfish activity with this frontal system with these fish once again scattered in a wide spread of depths from 120 to over 400 feet. Makes it a little tougher to locate them but we are of course happy to have the opportunity of having them in our area.

More and more Sharks by the week now and 200 to 400 feet of water has been producing the most fish. These Sharks seem to be covering the entire water column as they have been taking surface baits, mid level baits, and baits fished right on the bottom at about the same frequency.

Some Mahi-Mahi offshore and we have picked away at them but areas just out of reach of a half day charter have shown the most promise the last few days. Hopefully they will move closer to shore and we have a few trips of more duration than a half day to reach them, but the inshore action on the half day trips has been good for other species.

59 degrees here this morning aiming at a high in the lower 70s with very little wind. What little wind we are seeing is out of the northwest and these temperatures and wind direction are the result of the latest front, which arrived here oddly with no rain in our area. Very dry here actually and one result has been the Sawgrass burning out in the Everglades SW of here and that fire has covered over 6,000 acres in two days. Water at the base of that Sawgrass, but everything above that level is burning off that Sawgrass and the occasional scrub tree. That northerly wind is thankfully keeping that smoke away from the east side and we are enjoying this optimal weather on the coast.

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