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Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

The weather has finally simmered down and we are happy to report some good catches on our fishing charters here in Fort Lauderdale. A strong wind out of the east has been making it a bit lumpy up until this afternoon and the wind forecast for the next three days is a favorable 5 to 10 knots.

Some Mahi-Mahi are now finally showing up offshore with some regularity. This is good news and they seem to be a bit later than usual but what really matters is that they are available, and not too far offshore. Good numbers of gaffers and many are traveling through in 600 to 750 feet of water.

Still expecting to see the Sailfish in the pattern and we thought we’d share this killer shot of a hot and bothered one as she jumped along side of the Marlin My Darlin trying her best to shake free of a 6/0 VMC circle hook rigged Ballyhoo on 20#. Great dead on timing on the button to catch the fish on the go and in the center of the frame like that.

Amberjack season is upon us and many are good sized fish. Most deep wrecks are holding them now, along with a few Bull sharks that occasionally help themselves to one.

Blackfin Tuna off the edge and some days are very strong for them. Large Bonito around and we saw one school of these hard fighters that had to hold 1000 fish heading to the south just inside the reef.
Pitch one a live pilchard or similar smaller bait on spin and watch half a spool of line leave the spool in in a hurry.

Actually some Kingfish back out front again and on one charter we managed a half dozen of them. Wahoo seem to be out of town and when we thought we had a good one on the line a couple of times they turned out to be big fat Smoker Kingfish. We are certainly happy to accept that, but will continue to hope for a Hoo or two.

Tight lines and good fishing to all from all of us here aboard the Marlin My Darlin. Fishing most every day now and looking forward to tomorrows charter trip offshore.
JJ, Matt and Tommy K.

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