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Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

The fishing in fort Lauderdale has continued very strong for the Blackfin Tunas with the continued presence of some good sized Sharks offshore. Kings along the reef line remain slow, but there is an occasional “Smoker” sized King on the live baits. Once again only an occasional Mahi-Mahi which is disappointing as that current continues to run hard to the north and one would expect more of them in the area with this exceptionally strong current. Anyway…

The Blackfin Tuna are thick just off the edge of the reefs. Exceptional numbers of these fish as you can see by our catches aboard the Marlin My Darlin are available and as we mentioned in our last report our charters, Captain Matt and myself have been enjoying them for dinner. Here’s hoping they hang around.

Continued strong current conditions as we mentioned have continued to hamper our deep water Tilefish fishing which is painful as we and our charters appreciate the fine eating and fun these fish provide. The flip side is the big numbers of Blackfin Tunas which have been so obliging might well be a little tougher to fool once this current backs off.

As we mentioned there are some nice fat Kingfish (we wish there were more) and off the edge of the reefs has been best in water around 150 feet deep, which is again surprising to Captains Matt, Tommy and myself as these big boys like to spend time in shallower water, especially considering the strong current in 150 feet. They’ll swim wherever they wish, and we will follow them wherever that might be.

Wahoo and Sailfish remain iffy and if you really want to concentrate on a Sail we can probably find them, but a zero is possible. With all the Tuna right out front it isn’t a poor choice to hammer away at them and wait for the incidental Sailfish or Mahi-Mahi to raise into the spread.

Positively evil frontal system passed through today exactly as forecast and we in turn passed on fishing as we had children on our scheduled charter. A good day for adults to reconsider as well. Very strong sustained wind and gusty as well with rain in sheets- and now it’s gone, adios, and tomorrow will be calm and comfortable and we’ll be out there early and then again late. Fishing is often good after these blows. We’ll see tomorrow morning what Mother Nature has brought to our doorstep.

Tight lines and good fishing / Marlin My Darlin

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